Improving Human Performance

How would you like to not only know how to increase your performance but your whole group’s performance too?

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Leverage Your Time – Leverage Your Life

Did you know that you can learn to become rich?

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Finding and Connecting to Your Passion

We all have areas in our life that we are really passionate about.

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About Des and Belinda Werner


Belinda Werner is a leading entrepreneur, trainer, speaker and author specialising in improving human performance. She is the co-author of the book, “How To Join The Mile High Club,” and is the co-founder of Yes Resources, a private inspirational organization dedicated to training and uplifting both adults and children.

After two decades of business experience, she gained extensive knowl-edge in starting, running and maintaining various ventures. Belinda loves helping entrepreneurs create and maintain their businesses vision.

As a regular speaker and trainer both locally as well as internationally, her experience includes training of aircraft maintenance engineers, pi-lot-human factors and corporate customer service staff. She has a passion for people and she enjoys connecting with others.

Her vision is to help people move forward by finding the things in life that make them excel and flourish. By showing them how to find and maintain happiness and balance in life, they can move themselves forward by leveraging their strengths and identifying their weaknesses.

Des Werner is a respected airline pilot, author, speaker, corporate trainer, businessman and family man. After many struggles in both his personal and business life, he understands what it takes to be truly successful. Des is also the co-founder of Yes Resources.

Des’s purpose is connecting people with their true passion and he loves inspiring and showing them what is really possible. He has a vision of connecting at least two million people with their passion in the next five years. Through teaching and inspiring, he believes that he can play a major part in uplifting the lives of millions of people.

Des & Belinda Werner

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